The man looked slightly unkempt. Ok this was more than slightly: His blue blazer and wine shirt with a well-knotted golden tie hung loosely on his thin frame. The beige trousers with a similarly colored cloth belt over dark brown over sized loafers wasn’t helping him get any less attention. He would definitely be younger than his weather beaten face portrayed. But that wasn’t the most striking thing about him. It was the desperate pleas in his voice:
“Please Aunty help me sell half now abeg….” He kept begging over and over.
Well, Aunty-who happened to be the cute slim pharmacist currently smiling at me-wasn’t having any of this.
Yeah, what are the drugs you wanted?”she asked me, still smiling-referring to my earlier call to inquire about their availability.
I had started to reel off my mom’s drugs when he interjected again:
Na because of the doctors wey dey strike, I for don buy am for hospital o!
I tried to look at him as he turned to leave-visibly dejected-and it was then I noticed the characteristic purple sachet of Epilim 200. I knew then what he needed and why he needed them.
Oh wellI thought, he most likely needs those drugs. He’ll probably get someone to help………
A crash at the door jarred me from my thoughts. The man had begun a tonic clonic seizure and was stretching and jerking uncontrollably. The other patients in the pharmacy ran away from him whilst I went in the opposite direction. I reached for his legs sprawled halfway over the doorway and pulled them in. Pushing the metal gate from his head and any other sharp object around him, the seizure continued without respite with thick foaming at the mouth. I helped loosen his knotted tie and as abruptly as it started it was all over. He lay very still and I calmly reached for his wrist to check for his pulse. It was surprisingly strong and it was then I was convinced he would be alright.
He came around, looking shocked that he was on the floor before really coming around and covering his face in shame having realized it had happened yet again:Another seizure.


8 thoughts on “Uncontrollable

  1. I don’t even know what to say. It must be really uncomfortable having to be a sufferer and having to depend on drugs. An I’m sure the drugs would be expensive to obtain.
    I haven’t encountered anyone having a seizure before. Sigh

    • Touché @ Uncomfortable. His drugs may not be that expensive;the newer ones certainly are but most likely his isn’t. It’s probably one of the cheaper older ones (with uncomfortable side effects!) that he’ll have to have to take multiple times a day with chronic regularity or else fall actor to the scene above.:-/
      It’s not a pretty sight I can assure you. Imagine if he was in a bus or a foodstuffs market…
      PS:Never ran into him again though I still frequent that particular drugstore. Was still there today…

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