The man looked slightly unkempt. Ok this was more than slightly: His blue blazer and wine shirt with a well-knotted golden tie hung loosely on his thin frame. The beige trousers with a similarly colored cloth belt over dark brown over sized loafers wasn’t helping him get any less attention. He would definitely be younger than his weather beaten face portrayed. But that wasn’t the most striking thing about him. It was the desperate pleas in his voice:
“Please Aunty help me sell half now abeg….” He kept begging over and over.
Well, Aunty-who happened to be the cute slim pharmacist currently smiling at me-wasn’t having any of this.
Yeah, what are the drugs you wanted?”she asked me, still smiling-referring to my earlier call to inquire about their availability.
I had started to reel off my mom’s drugs when he interjected again:
Na because of the doctors wey dey strike, I for don buy am for hospital o!
I tried to look at him as he turned to leave-visibly dejected-and it was then I noticed the characteristic purple sachet of Epilim 200. I knew then what he needed and why he needed them.
Oh wellI thought, he most likely needs those drugs. He’ll probably get someone to help………
A crash at the door jarred me from my thoughts. The man had begun a tonic clonic seizure and was stretching and jerking uncontrollably. The other patients in the pharmacy ran away from him whilst I went in the opposite direction. I reached for his legs sprawled halfway over the doorway and pulled them in. Pushing the metal gate from his head and any other sharp object around him, the seizure continued without respite with thick foaming at the mouth. I helped loosen his knotted tie and as abruptly as it started it was all over. He lay very still and I calmly reached for his wrist to check for his pulse. It was surprisingly strong and it was then I was convinced he would be alright.
He came around, looking shocked that he was on the floor before really coming around and covering his face in shame having realized it had happened yet again:Another seizure.

If Warren Buffet can keep his kids grounded, the what excuse do you have?

I’ve been bullied into writing this post-this is cyber/telephony/real-life bullying. I’m shocked such things still exist but with the crazily amazing people I roll with, I’ve learnt to expect the unexpected. Anyway, since I sha have to post something or get a comeuppance that could end one’s run, I decided to drop this clip I stumbled upon about how warren buffet with all his wealth keeps his kids grounded. He almost makes it seem effortless. I know I will marry an amazing woman and have fantastic children and plenty money…but no matter how much money I have, I have yet another reason to add to the current 3,829 reasons on why my money will not define who I am.

Road trip to Ghana 4

It’s 6:30am and the sun has been out for about an hour already. Any other Tuesday, I would be in traffic partially looking forward to Dr Laiyemo’s ward round but not this Tuesday. Nope. I’m actually sitting up beside the beach watching the waves break on the shore at Oasis Beach Resort in Cape Coast with very cool breeze blowing through my beard and thinking to myself I gotta do this once a year with someone I love. Wetin!
No one is up yet-neither the countless foreigners at the resort who are on vacation I guess nor the young staffers who scurry about to cater to your every need or the guys in my group who still knowing we had an early day today still went out drinking yesterday night. I really don’t know if they think of the day after when they go out..anyway it’s all good for me cos I get to wake up earlier than the rest and clear my head. Can’t believe I’ll be going back to lasgidi and all is attendant wahala and traffic! Noooooooooo
Anyway that not the purpose of the moment. I’m gonna enjoy myself right now….








Road Trip to Ghana 3

I forgot to mention yesterday that the night lights of Ghana is nothing like NY but is extremely beautiful. No neons and flashing strobes but from McCarthy hall where we stayed is a panoramic 270 degree view of a lighted hillside. It’s truly an amazing spectacle. Sunday is THE day of rest and nothing basically happens in Ghana today so we decide to chill @ the beach. This is where I start to get blown away. It’s quite a distance about a 40 min drive from we are staying but when we finally arrive it’s well worth the hassle. We literally walk into the beach-no payment for entrance or even parking! We find a cool spot called “Dizzy Lizzy’s” and chill there the entire day meeting new friends, eating, laughing and having a good time.
I stare at the beach and shake my head more to many times than I can count….this can work back home. Why doesn’t it then?
Comparing from my last time at a naija beach, I realized now we’d spent for entrance alone what we spent to have a very good meal and drinks;not to mention the free entertainment. Chai!






Road Trip to Ghana 5

The beach is beautiful yeah? I already told you that yeah? Like really pretty thing with very laid back guests and eager to please staff right? Ok ok…let me use this post to talk about something that occurred to me on my trip here something more serious than just pretty brown sand and white dunes…
It occurred to me on the way here heading towards badagry that some landmarks became familiar, I remember driving past these same landmarks enroute Agbede. I did it without the slightest hesitation-didn’t even think about it-if I was prompted to do that trip again I’d give a million reasons why I should pass and if I did be grumpy the entire trip. I realized the importance of believing in someone and even more;that, of someone believing in you. I realize now that those two things are germane to the good health of any relationship. It’s the real foundation if something or anything meaningful at all can be. And this holds true whether it’s lasting 2months or 2 lifetimes…. [Selah]

Road trip to Ghana 2

Are we there yet??? I think like I asked that question at least a jillion times. Not exactly because I was superbly eager to get to Ghana (which I was) or because I was tired of sitting (which I also was) but rather because I had to use the bathroom!!!! I somehow forgot one of my cardinal rules of traveling: Eat. Nothing. Before. The. Journey.
What was i thinking???? I became the self appointed chaperone of Lindsey and Heather following them to all the border posts so I could be a manly blackface and later so I use the bathroom at each stop! It turned out to be really worth it cos I felt better and they felt better too. It really helped along the line that the black stars of Ghana held the Portugal-routing German machines to a 1-all draw. Amazing!
We here!!!
Finally in Ghana and the first thing I do as ingest of the bus is to take another dump. Smh.



Road trip to Ghana 1

So here I am on a trip to Ghana and I’ve decided to use the opportunity to kick start(again!) my blogging career. I’m sure “our baby’s mummy” will be absolutely delighted about that. 🙂 That said, let me point out that I will post as I feel like. So you can’t ask me why my posts are not keeping to time or balderdash like that. Not every one is an ofili. :-p I however also expect to make more than one post a day on really I nteresting days. So here we are waiting again-one of my most annoying pastimes-this time for customs to clear us. For what exactly now we are not sure. Earlier it was by the management of CrossCountry to get extra passengers. We are about 16 passengers in a 32 passenger bus and I reckon delaying us for as long we could possibly tolerate would help them get some

20140621-111336-40416029.jpgextra passengers.
We kinda finally lost our patience and now we’re on our way….

Lasgidi Driving Shouting Traffic

“Look here mr man! If you scratch my car ehn, I will show you!!!” Gosh, there goes another disgruntled lagos driver threatening;this time to show me only God knows what!… And this is a woman o just because I tried to cut in front of her at the ojota exit into ikorodu road from Kudirat Abiola way! Geez na my fault say make she wake up late? Or that made our wonderful BRF decide to fix all lagos roads at once? Or that made the BRT and danfos just have no regard for other drivers that don’t drive similar vehicle models to theirs? Please free me o. Lagos driving has no gender recognition. It’s either you drive or be eaten. And maybe bashed in the process sef. Everyone appears to be in such a hurry, making insane moves to get ahead that you begin to truly believe you are the only person on the road. At least that what my friend the quintessential gentleman Ghandy thinks( follow on Instagram @cyrax_the_erector ) He’s your ever so civil driver….I keep telling him the day he drives my mom,my driving days are over. I drive the way I do-which isn’t any way different when you really look at it-to get ahead. Isn’t that supposed to be the purpose of driving? Oh, It’s not??? I musts missed that class. There is nothing like driving for the joy of it. Even if you drove a Bugatti Veyron or the overrated Ford Mustang, Lasgidi traffic has made sure that concept doesn’t exist. Even the chastising sun nowadays that stretches your car AC to AD or AE or even AJ plays it’s own part. Did I add the constantly crossing human traffic? Oh and btw you should see my TDH friend Kenny ( follow on Instagram @2_l8git_to_quit) cross or attempts what he calls crossing….I need a whole post for that one. Lol!
Anyways Lasgidi traffic is just….”mr man move and stop playing with your tablet now!!!” That’s another disgruntled driver…I roll my eyes at him and wish I could tell him it’s not just a tab, It’s an iPad but I don’t think he cares…let me just move my car abeg. That LASTMA official in my rear view mirror is the epitome of boys are not smiling…abeg I’m out!